Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E-mail from Sister Fidelis

July 14, 2008

St. Fidelis writes in an e-mail about Hurricane Katrina and the white deer. Sister is referring to the story of the Miracle of the White Deer by Patty and posted on this blog. Sister's e-mail has been added to her web page on our web Our Lady of the Pearl.

Dear Scribe.

I was evacuated to the Golden Age Home in Welsh as I could not reach the Monastery in New Orleans, thru the kindness of the Carmelite Sisters. The authorities there gave me access to a computer. By some unexplainable e-mail fluke I heard of the White Deer. I took it as sign from Francis that My Pearls were under his protection and I was greatly comforted!! I have tried to put this on my page but I need your help. My name is old English for deer. A deer is a hart.

I never lost hope and in amid our suffering it was a great Joy!

Your Sister Fidelis

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