Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All in God's Time

Submitted by Karen

Bobbye called me the other day to tell me about a young lady and her one year old child who had been living in her car for about 2 weeks. She was working and had been saving money to make a deposit and pay the rent for a trailer. She had saved $350 but lacked about $300 and applied to St. Vincent de Paul for assistance. Bobbye said normally they cannot help one person that much.

St. Vincent de Paul had a board meeting, and Bobbye remembered the $210 check I had just sent her to give them. It was in her purse, and she told the board about it. They were able to help this young lady and her one year old child, using the OLP check of $210. It allowed them to get into the trailer that night! Bobbye was so excited and wanted to share with us the great use for our check! She said it was fabulous that we sent the check when we did!

There are times that I chastise myself for not doing something in the time frame that I think I should. This demonstrates that all things are done in God's time......not mine. If the check had been sent any earlier or any later, this young lady and her child may not have been helped and who are we to say that those funds weren't especially meant for THEM!!!

We are so very blessed as a community.....hopefully we can do this more often!

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